3 Ways Devices Drive Engagement

We’re incredibly excited to celebrate the launch of Movband 3 today! While we always focus on the power of our platform (which the Movband is a part of) to inspire groups to move more,  I thought it would be fitting to use today’s post to focus on the important role that the device plays in overall engagement. Read on to learn more about how devices can drive engagement, goal attainment and positive health outcomes.

1. Visibility and awareness
With a Movband on your wrist, you have immediate, real-time feedback about your daily activity (or inactivity!). The device serves as a visible reminder to yourself (and others!) to keep moving throughout the day. If you look down at your wrist and notice you’re a little short of your goal, your Movband can be the gentle nudge you need to get some moves in.

That same visibility can have a powerful effect on group dynamics too. When everyone is wearing a visible device, activity and wellness becomes part of the conversation, whether you're at home, school, or work. Awareness is the first step in changing behavior and it's even more powerful when done in a group setting. 

2. The fun factor
At Movable, we’re all about having fun while getting healthier. We understand that making healthy changes is no easy feat, so we aim to make moving fun with colors (lots of them!) and competition. Many groups that we work with will use colored bands as rewards, which creates even more engagement with the product and group activity program.

Since your Movband can be connected to groups, your device also gives you a great opportunity to compete not only with yourself, but with coworkers, family, and friends! I enjoy facing off against my husband to see who has more moves every day (loser has to do the dishes!) and it’s fun to see how I stack up against others in Movable’s monthly challenges. But my inner competitor really comes out when I’m competing against coworkers! However you like to compete – against yourself or others, your Movband is there to make it fierce and fun!

3. Accountability
As much as we love having fun, accountability is a huge part of achieving fitness goals and lifestyle changes. Whether you’re aiming for a personal best in daily moves or working to meet your challenge goal, your Movband gives you the accountability to measure yourself not only daily but also over time. Check on your trends to see if there’s a certain day of the week or time of the day that you tend to be inactive. As the old saying goes, knowing is half the battle! 

Speaking of accountability, we've seen that our office's activity plummets along with the temperature, so we've had pop-up challenges that reward employees with at least 12,000 moves when we get more than 1" of snow (which has happened a lot lately!).

How does your Movband help you stay engaged and reach your wellness goals?