5 Ways to Create Healthier Employees in the Next 30 Days

Learn how simple it can be to improve the health of your workplace in just one month.

1. Take the first step
Choose one new thing to implement – such as a walking program or a healthy eating educational series – and you're out of the gates with a new wellness initiative! (Bonus points if you make it inclusive so the entire company can participate!).


2. Make it fun!
Getting healthier doesn't have to be all work and no play. Keep the focus on fun to ensure that wellness is something your employees look forward to. Kick off your new programs with a healthy company lunch to get your team excited.


3. Create awareness
Give your employees basic awareness of how to create a healthy lifestyle. Planning a daily lunchtime walk for employees or switching up the options in the vending machine with healthy snacks are simple ways to start.


4. Add meaning
Make your wellness initiative meaningful through a collective purpose. Set a team goal, such as having 20 employees run a charity 5k this month, to give your group something to strive for, together!


5. Celebrate!
As the wellness lead at your company, make sure you take a moment to acknowledge the success of your program and thank your employees for contributing to a healthier workplace. It will make them – and you – feel great!