You CAN Stay Well While You Work

As if there wasn’t enough to do at your job, there’s an added challenge when you think about not only staying on top of your own personal wellbeing, but also that of your employees. While the challenge can seem large and, at times, unattainable, taking it one (sometimes literally) step at a time can be the key.

“There isn’t one solution to staying healthy,” Sarah Kirk, DHS Group’s Certified Wellness Coach told Officer Worker Health in a recent guest blog. “But rather, a combination of things – including keeping active and eating wholesome good-for-you foods.”

“While eating healthy and moving more might sound too difficult to do against a demanding work schedule, [there are ways you can conquer both] – regardless of your schedule.”

When it comes to staying active at the office (and getting in any steps needed for fitness or activity challenges, Sarah recommends ideas like taking a walk around your office park or office space during a lunch break or committing to taking the stairs instead of the elevator. As for fueling your body with healthy foods, preparing lunches ahead of time and getting plenty of water to drink are key.

To read the rest of Sarah’s recommendations in her guest post for Office Worker Health, click here.

Alongside Sarah’s valuable tips and tricks, Move, part of DHS Group’s HealthSpective’s Engage Module, can help you and your employees take a front seat in promoting wellbeing and health in your population.

To learn more about Move, which works with more than 30 activity trackers (like Movband, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Watch) and mobile apps (like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit), and how it seamlessly integrates with the rest of the HealthSpective platform (with modules that focus on employee benefits, enrollment and more), click here.

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