REWIND: Wellness Budgeting, Simplified

As you look ahead to the next year and start laying the groundwork for your employee wellness and wellbeing programs, finding the money to implement the programs you want can be one of the biggest (and hardest) steps in the process. However, if you utilize a bit of creativity as you work with your carriers, brokers and stop-loss insurance companies, you may have more money available to cover the cost of these programs than you think.

Our experts recommend you start with asking these questions:

1.     Do you see a wellness program fee already built directly into your Administrative Service Only (ASO) fee?

2.     How can you get reimbursed for these fees from your medical carrier?

3.     Is custom reporting included in what you’re getting from your medical carrier?

In this week’s Rewind feature, learn the details behind these questions and more about how it is possible to find the money for the employee wellbeing/wellness program that will truly make a difference in your population health.