Introducing HealthSpective, a One-of-a-Kind Integrated Health Benefit Platform

The challenges benefits managers face when working to manage health benefits on limited time and resources have continued to increase as the expectations of leadership, who see the cost of family health coverage growing, and employees, who look for easy to use and understand programs, also continues to rise.

While the leadership’s expectation is that benefits managers can run programs efficiently, measure effectiveness and keep employees satisfied, all while controlling costs – the reality is that that is easier said than done.

To create this “robust and cost-effective health benefits strategy,” benefits managers have begun utilizing multiple siloes to solve different parts of the wellbeing “problem.” With these multiple siloes coming from several different vendors and containing different data points, the solution meant to “fix” employee health is causing more of a problem than an actual solution. Without an integrated data and system, it’s nearly impossible to identify problem areas and create solutions to address them.

Enter DHS Group’s brand-new one-of-a-kind integrated health benefit platform, HealthSpective.

Built on HealthSpective’s data and employee engagement capabilities, the new, expanded platform, offers answers to the full spectrum of benefit management needs: benefit program design, health plan enrollment and operation, population health data analysis and wellbeing and employee engagement. It’s with this integrated solution that a change towards true employee health can be found.

HealthSpective, which operates under a single sign-on, includes four main modules to empower benefits managers to find solutions to problems they face and, at the same time, enable employees to find better population health.

  • HealthSpective Design: Uses “big data” tools to help managers build benefits plans that optimize available funds while maximizing plan utilization.
  • HealthSpective Operate: Facilitates enrollment, plan management and helps guide employees to the plan options that meet their needs, at the same time as it streamlines administration and increases access to reports.
  • HealthSpective Analyze: Identifies population health problems and recommends actions to address them; Analyze helps benefits managers develop wellbeing strategies that are efficient, targeted and able to be tracked and measured.
  • HealthSpective Engage: Guides employees with an integrated dashboard that encourages physical health through exercise and activity tracking and provides information and training on individual health goals, financial literacy, mindfulness, teaches stress reduction and more through five sub-modules: Move, Health, Financial, Motivate and Mind.

“DHS Group’s roots extend back to the mid-90’s and through the years, the goal has always been to help companies achieve better health outcomes with lower costs,” DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett, said. “HealthSpective is the newest addition to how we plan to fulfill that goal. With it, we’re to simplifying and greatly enhancing the benefits system for those in charge of managing these programs and their employees, and ultimately, helping companies improve their population health with healthier employees and families.” 

Ready to learn more about bringing HealthSpective to your company to integrate your health management solutions, improve efficiency, increase engagement and lower costs? Take the first step by scheduling a brief call with our team.