Facing Challenges in 2018 & Beyond

Alongside the clean slate that comes with the start of a new year, also comes new challenges to address.

“A myriad of issues today carry real risks for the workplace,” Nick Otto writes in a recent Employee Benefit Advisor article. “…Employers must remain aware of these challenges and know how to prepare for them.”

While the challenges facing HR professionals in 2018 cover a range of topics from threats of a cyber breach to the constant evolving workforce, several of the challenges that Employee Benefit Advisor look at relate to the topic of employee engagement and benefits.

“Maintaining the health and wellness of workers keeps productivity high and absenteeism low,” Employee Benefit Advisor said. “…While physical health can be easier to identify, mental health also will need to be on the minds of benefits managers as they put policies and perks in place.”

In addition to expanding the coverage of wellbeing offerings – a part of employee benefits that may seem easier to see or more popular due to the perks and prizes associated with step-challenges or flashy features – the “nitty-gritty” side of benefits, the healthcare perks, the tax breaks, will also present challenges and new opportunities in the new year.

“With benefits being a big draw for top talent, benefits continue to be a major challenge for employers,” said Employee Benefit Advisor.

Joining wellbeing and engagement offerings, employee benefits or one of the myriad of others challenges facing HR professionals in the new year, is the realization that one of the biggest challenges is that any decision made not only has an impact on current employees, but also the hiring and recruiting of new team members.

“Focusing on offering your employees the best benefits and wellbeing programs, programs that also have a positive impact on your company’s financial and population health goals, isn’t a ‘one-and-done’ thing,” Jim Pritchett, DHS Group CEO, said. “Looking ahead to the bulk of 2018, it’s important to find a solution that, in addition to helping you now, will be helping you solve challenges for new years to come.”

DHS Group can help solve benefits and wellbeing challenges ranging from creating activity challenges to benefits design and strategy and everything in between. Learn more about DHS Group’s solutions and can help you meet the challenges in 2018 and beyond with a full-circle solution here