Technology: Helping HR Pros Face Industry Changes Head-On

If you’ve had your hand on the pulse of the HR and benefits industries or been reading our recent blog posts on the topic, you’ve probably been hearing about the ongoing transition from simple wellness programming to all-encompassing wellbeing programs. That, of course, is alongside the consistently expanding role of the HR professional and what is expected of them.

“A wellbeing approach is more of a holistic approach to help employees improve on all aspects of wellness – those being physical, mental, financial and health,” DHS Group VP of Employer Solutions Will Herold told Corporate Wellness Magazine. “What we knew as ‘employee wellness’ only focused on a subset of the complete wellbeing pie.”

The changes can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be… there are technology programs and systems that can help. What can these programs bring to the table?

  1. 24/7 Accessibility Anywhere: Get whatever you need, wherever you need it
  2. Power to the People: Empower employees to have access to their own information and submit the information that you need
  3. Automated Workflow: With technology, turn tasks that used to take days into tasks that take minutes
  4. Improved Decision Making: Centralized data empowers decision making for both current and future programming

To read more of Will’s thoughts on how technology can help ease the transitions that benefits and HR professionals are facing, visit the recent Corporate Wellness Magazine article by Daniel Pyne, here.