Empower & Engage with Biometric Screenings

“Organizations want their employees engaged with their primary care physician (PCP),” DHS Group VP of Employer Solutions Rich Siegenthaler, said. “However, the majority of people do not get an annual physical and/or their yearly preventative exams, even with full medical coverage by their employer.”

This is where biometric screenings come in.

1.     Biometric screenings are convenient.

Many employers ask their employees to visit their PCP and have a medical form completed – a form that is then turned in to a wellness partner to receive incentive credit. While this is a good plan in theory, many employees don’t feel the need to go to the doctor if they’re feeling “fine.” On-site biometric screenings not only have a high participation rate (DHS Group sees a 72 percent participation rate at screening initiatives across the country), but they also can bring attention to a “why” an employee might need to visit their PCP that might not have been discovered otherwise.

2.     Biometric screenings create awareness.

Every time an employee participates in a biometric screening, they learn something very important and personal about themselves. Specifically, things that they might not have known if they hadn’t taken part in the screening and chose not to visit their PCP because of assumed health.

3.     Biometric screenings provoke and initiate action.

Building on the awareness that biometric screenings bring are the results – If the results trigger action, the employee and the employer both win.

“The idea behind wellbeing initiatives is to create a better life for everybody,” Siegenthaler said. “The key is engagement. The solution is convenience… Biometric screenings are a win-win in every case.”

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