Have Yourself a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

Earlier this year, Tess Zasuwa, one of DHS Group’s Certified Health Coaches, joined us on the blog to share a little bit about the value of working with a coach and why it’s important to take a stake in the health and wellbeing of your employees. Tess is back on the blog this week to give a few tips on how to keep moving and keep wellbeing in mind during the upcoming holiday season.

November is here, which means everyone starts to think about the holiday season.  It is the time of year when gratitude is on everyone's mind.  We think about how lucky we are to have our health, families, friends, food to eat, places to live, and all of the other things that make our lives richer.  Expressing that gratitude is healing, and the holiday season it the perfect time to reflect on and express those feelings.

The holiday season is also a time filled with many festive events, good food and drinks that are part of how we create memories that will last.  However, the gluttony of the holiday season can quickly turn to a time of increased stress, unhealthy eating habits and getting sick.  Check out these tips below to stay happy and healthy this holiday season.

Focus on fun, not food and drinks – Start new holiday traditions that are non-food based - like gingerbread house decorating, caroling or volunteering instead of the typical cookie exchange.

Don’t skip sleep – Stick to your normal sleep routine of at least six to eight hours a day. Being tired can lead to increased stress, low energy and weaken your immune system. Set a bedtime this holiday season and stick to it.

Move it or lose it – Although days are shorter, and your schedule may be packed make an effort to fit in fitness. Whether it is walking a few laps around the mall during last minute gift shopping or doing a family outing to a fitness class.

Upgrade your holiday favorites – This season try swapping some unhealthy ingredients in your recipes for healthier alternatives. Try a few favorites - unsweetened applesauce for butter, Greek yogurt for sour cream or ground nuts for breadcrumbs.

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