Mission Possible: Avoid Duplicate Medical Records & Maintain Patient Privacy

While it might sometimes feel like an impossible task, avoiding duplicate medical records and maintaining patient privacy is something that’s very much possible.

Hardin Memorial Hospital, a 300-bed acute care hospital with more than 45 locations in Southern Kentucky, had an older, failing check-in system that was at the point where it just couldn’t be fixed. As a growing and expanding health center, the check-in system was causing problems and Hardin was looking for a replacement.

SecurePass’s biometric fingerprint scanning and check-in systems brought not only quick check-in to Hardin’s locations, but also one that was secure and easy-to-use. Not to mention, SecurePass’s system helped eliminate the worry of duplicate medical records at the same time in helped maintain the highest level of privacy for both patients and providers.

“When it comes down to it, it’s all about linking the data between the provider and the patient,” VP of Employer Solutions Rich Siegenthaler said. “When the link is there, instead of forgotten about, action happens and what previously may have felt impossible, can happen.”

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