Meet Jeff, DHS Group Senior Vice President

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of the DHS Group team – Senior Vice President Jeff Pferd! Jeff, who has served as a member of DHS Group’s Advisory Board for several years, has nearly 40 years of experience in technology, healthcare, change management and process design and comes most recently from Halliburton. At DHS Group, he’ll be responsible for Product Development .

We recently had the opportunity to chat a bit more with Jeff and learn more about his experience and his thoughts on joining DHS Group.


DHS: What are you looking forward to about joining the DHS Group team?

Jeff: My experience as a scientist and a technologist is well suited to appreciate the challenges and opportunities our customers face. I am particularly enthusiastic about working alongside a group of people with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds – all working together to achieve a common vision.

DHS: Tell us a little bit more about your background and how that will play a role in your new position at DHS Group?

Jeff: Even though I have spent the past two decades in “oil and gas,” I spent six years helping hospitals plan for the electronic medical record. So now, as I am going back to healthcare again, I’m looking forward to it. The two industries are actually not that far apart; very big decisions requiring good science and engineering applied in an efficient manner.

DHS: What excites you about DHS Group’s products and services?

Jeff: I am excited to join a group of talented people who are dedicated to helping healthcare be better managed for employers, more informative for individuals and dedicated to scientific disciplines in analyzing health patterns that improve healthcare. This combination of skills, capabilities and services are needed to implement better healthcare in America.

DHS: Why do you think a company should invest in a “full-circle” benefits and wellbeing program that includes pieces like mental and financial health alongside pieces like benefits admin and analytic?

Jeff: DHS Group’s well-rounded offerings show that we understand that “health” has many dimensions. Every single one of these dimensions are intertwined in the wellbeing of everyone and I am looking forward to contributing to this vision.

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