Meet Rich, VP of Employer Solutions at DHS Group

We recently caught up with Rich Siegenthaler, DHS Group’s new VP of Employer Solutions (Will Herold now serves as DHS Group’s VP of Business Development), to chat about everything from wellbeing program to success, to the value of health coaches and everything in between. Rich, who has more than 20 years in the Human Resources, Benefits and Wellness Industry, joins the DHS Group team after its acquisition of Integrated Wellness Solutions, a company that Rich founded in 2008.

IWS, which was recently acquired by DHS Group, brought a team of health coaches to the DHS Group lineup. What value do they bring to wellbeing programs? How can they help employers in their quest for population health?

Wellness professionals in the corporate wellness industries (in many cases, labeled health coaches) are valuable because they offer three main things.

First, a non-bias support or access. In other words, employees are very concerned about what their employers know and/or have access to when it relates to them personally. Even though law protects employees by and large, employees don’t always believe it. Health coaches provide someone that employees can trust and someone with whom they know all information is confidential.

Second, health coaches are there to assist employees in finding success. Employees want to win, employees want to improve and while employees are subject matter experts in what they do professionally, that doesn’t always include wellness. Health coaches are able to provide them with direction and support in a manner that they can understand and succeed in.


Lastly, health coaches provide the knowledge necessary to help employees change their behavior. Again, this goes back to offering both support and confidentiality. Everyone wants to be the best they can be, but life gobbles us up every day and often, we get to the point where we don’t know where to start. Health coaches can help provide the way with simplicity!

How do you think data and analytics fit into the wellbeing program equation?

Data analytics are where the rubber meets the road – they are how wellness is proven in each case to be successful, or in some cases, un-successful. In the new era, wellness is all about data and employers need to recognize how they can use data in their quest for a strategy for mitigation of risk and education. If and when data analytics are embedded in your wellness program, you have the information to put the best practices to work; you can’t change what you do not know and data analytics is how you know!

Why should companies invest in a “full-circle” benefits and wellbeing program that include, not only diverse wellbeing options (like mental and financial health) but also benefits administration and analytics options?

Wellness is holistic and no longer a “Biggest Loser” – type contest – it encompasses body, mind and spirit and needs to provide opportunity for all employees, not just segments. With this in mind, each employees needs to have the opportunity to engage in wellness that interests and relates to them personally. To do that, programs need to include everything from wellness to benefits and have people (like health coaches) that can help explain, develop and put into action a personal strategy for success – a strategy that includes all areas and can lead to success that lasts a lifetime, not just a short period of time.

What do you think sets DHS Group apart?

DHS Group has subject matter expertise in all areas, systems and resources in place to offer support and passion and excitement to not only tell our story, but help you achieve your wellbeing and benefits goals.

You’re invited to meet Rich at the 13th Annual Ohio Employer Health and Wellness Conference in Columbus on August 21, where Rich will be speaking and DHS Group will exhibit and provide more information on their wellbeing and benefits offerings.

Learn more about how DHS Group uses a “full-circle” wellbeing and benefits strategy that includes everything from health coaches and analytics to help companies achieve their population health goals by clicking here. Ready to chat with a member of DHS Group’s Business Development Team? Fill out this form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.