DHS Group Selected as URAC-Approved Vendor

The United States healthcare system is transitioning to a more value-based model and pharmacies are becoming more vital to the process – especially when dealing with more complex and chronic disease. As such, specialty pharmacies are positioning themselves to demonstrate their value when it comes to delivery these specialized clinical services and many are turning to URAC’s (formerly the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission) Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation to do just that.

“Change is happening across the healthcare delivery system,” URAC says on their website. “[We are] helping organizations transform by developing national standards to improve quality, protect consumers and improve health outcomes.”

URAC accreditation “is recognized as a key differentiator and independent validation of quality,” and is often a requirement when it comes to joining a specific network. In order to maintain or gain URAC accreditation, participating companies must undergo and annual Measure and Data Validation review by a URAC-approved third-party vendor. With DHS Group’s vast history of being at the forefront of quality improvement, including being one of the first to offer HEDIS Compliance audits, the decision to apply as a a URAC-approved validation vendor was an easy one.

DHS Group offers the following services to companies seeking URAC accreditation:   

  • Conduct educational presentations to facilitate development of the validation process
  • Educate staff members, as needed, in developing and reporting URAC measures
  • Assist in developing policy, procedures and awareness education
  • Approach Data Validation in a neither punitive nor adversarial way
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Be available during the off season to assist as needed

“Performance measurement (PM) production and auditing has been the core of the DHS Group mission since our inception,” Larry McLaughlin, DHS Group’s Performance Measure Data Validation Manager, said. “DHS Group is excited to help organizations meet URAC’s rigorous standards of quality and be selected by URAC as an approved vendor for data validation services.”

You can learn more about DHS Group and the team of experienced professionals ready to help your company achieve its validation goals here.