Population Health Consultants: Valuable Members of the HR & Benefits Team

When you’re chatting with benefits or health and wellness providers, they might mention someone called a “population health consultant.” Ultimately, in working to improve the health, benefits and wellbeing of your employees you’re improving population health, but what is it that this “population health consultant” does? How do they make a difference as part of your team?

Recently, we caught up with Randa Hamden, one of DHS Group’s Population Health Consultants, to learn more about working with a population health consultant and about the value and information they bring to benefits and wellbeing teams.

Randa, first and foremost, why do you think it’s important for companies to pay attention/take a stake in the health and wellbeing of their employees?

Most of the companies DHS Group works with really care about the wellbeing of their employees for many reasons – some have a real culture of wellness and foster a family-like environment where they want the best for their employees at every level and others understand that a healthy, happy employee does a better job than an unhappy, unhealthy one. Regardless of the exact reasoning behind it, most companies are beginning to understand the importance of health and wellbeing in terms of productivity and healthcare costs and are making specific decisions because of that knowledge.

What do population health consultants do?

DHS Group’s Population Health Consultants play many roles. Primarily, we help our clients understand their data. For example, we can look at all of the integrated data (through DHS Group’s HealthSpective Analyze program) and determine what parts of a company’s population need the most intervention, what chronic diseases, if any, plague the population and what trends in claims and risk scores mean for the health of the population and the costs the company is incurring. With all of this in-depth analysis and understanding in hand, we help build strategic plans and interventions that improve health and benefits costs.

What are the benefits of working with a population health consultant?

A population health consultant can help you not only focus on your wellness efforts, but also determine how those efforts are having an impact on your population. For example, a population health consultant could help determine whether or not a disease management program (for something like Type 2 Diabetes) is actually making a difference in risk and healthcare costs; or, if participants in your company’s wellness program are getting true health benefits from participating. Ultimately, with a population health consultant on your team, not only do you get answers to these questions, but you get someone who can help you make tweaks to get the maximum beneficial impact for the health of the population and the company’s bottom line.

What sets DHS Group and its team of population health consultants apart?

At DHS Group, all of our population health consultants have a background in public health, and because of this, we often see things a little differently than someone in HR and Benefits might. However, working together with these individuals, we can build a holistic strategy that is tailored to the specific needs of the population, and therefore, has a better chance for success. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have with our clients and believe that their successes in stemming illness and avoiding catastrophic healthcare claims, are our successes as well. 

You can learn more about DHS Group’s HealthSpective platform and its innovative healthcare and data analytics tools here.

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