REWIND: Big Data. The Smart Solution

“Big data and data analytics are not just for Fortune 500 firms anymore,” Benefits Consultant Gran LeCompte, said.

With the expansion to smaller groups, data and analytics are providing the opportunity for more and more companies to look closely at the problems their populations are facing – and with that, getting the opportunity to find better and more successful solutions.

Data and analytics ARE the future.

LeCompte says that “if you aren’t accessing the power of data analytics (and your broker hasn’t brought it to you as a responsible and necessary way to manage your play) then in [author Jeff Yaiga’s] words, ‘You might need to break up with your Benefits Broker.’”

In this week’s Rewind feature, read a guest post that LeCompte penned that tells the story of how data and analytics have helped his clients find success in better optimizing their health and wellness solutions.