3 Real-World Benefits: SecurePass by DHS Group

On a daily basis, hospital systems and healthcare providers deal with hundreds of patients checking in to see a countless numbers of physicians. Not to mention, the paperwork that goes along with each patient, in general and specific to each visit. Working in healthcare is hard.

As hard as the daily “grind” can seem, there are solutions that can help with many of the issues healthcare and hospital systems face on a daily basis. We’d love to share a few success stories…

Live Information on Patient Wait Times // O’Bleness Hospital

At O’Bleness Hospital in Athens, Ohio, patients frequently reported wait times of 15-20 minutes when asked how long it was from arrival to checking in with an employee during post-visit customer service questionnaires. With SecurePass by DHS Group, O’Bleness can not only see live information on wait times as patients arrive, but also better manage their check-in process through the system.

Orderly and Seamless Check-In Procedure // Hardin Memorial Health

Hardin Memorial Health, home to the fourth busiest emergency department in Kentucky, had a check-in system that could not be fixed and needed a replacement system that not only brought a quick check-in process, but one that was secure. With SecurePass by DHS Group, Hardin’s been brought just that and more – including the elimination of the worry of duplicate medical records and the highest level of privacy.

Increased Productivity of Support Staff // O’Bleness Hospital

Prior to integrating SecurePass into their system, O’Bleness’ check-in procedure was run by employees sitting at a desk and manually writing the names of patients as they arrived – employees whose job was to help direct patients around the hospital and find the areas where they needed to be. With SecurePass by DHS Group’s fingerprint scanning check-in system, these employees were freed up to do the job they were hired for – a job that is integral to keeping the hospital running smoothly.

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