REWIND: Changing Healthcare Through Innovation

“Healthcare analytics today need to come to grips with the fast-paced world of ever-changing technology needs,” Healthcare Tech Magazine, said. “… Providers need to be on the climbing curve of innovation, balancing longevity, consistency and reliability, all at the same time.”

For DHS Group, “climbing the curve of innovation” means offering wellbeing and engagement solutions that buck industry standards and boldly empower employers and employees towards better population health.

“The true prospect of Population Health Management solutions can be achieved only when organizations don’t stop with predicting the health concerns of their employees, but are capable of prescribing and implementing solutions to solve those issues,” DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett said.

Learn more about how DHS Group is changing healthcare through innovation – including eliminating industry silos and offering a broad spectrum of healthcare opportunities (mindfulness, engagement, financial health and more) here.