Prepare Now, Enroll Later: Expert Tips for a Successful Open Enrollment

Even though open enrollment only falls during a specific time in each year, it’s important to stay active throughout the year with things like education, updates and exploring new opportunities. This ensures that, that when it is time for your employees to enroll, everyone is prepared -- both on your side and their side.

We sat down with Will Herold, DHS Group’s VP of Business Development to chat about a common wellbeing-related open enrollment question and DHS Group’s own benefit tools to get insight into what to keep in mind during that season.

Blog: As part of preparing for open enrollment, a company might look to update their benefits offerings, specifically adding or changing a wellbeing program. What should a company look for?

Will: I think there are two important things to keep in mind if you’re updating or adding a wellbeing program as part of your benefits programming.

First, the program has to fit your culture. If you’re just starting a program to start one and end up forcing people to participate in things outside of your company culture, you’re going to see low participation and it may even reduce morale.

Second, you have to have a reason. This leads back to data. Are you starting the program because a consultant gave you a report that shows a lot of people with chronic conditions and you have a lot of high-cost claims that are hitting the bottom line?

If it fits your culture and you have a reason… that makes a successful program.

Blog: DHS Group’s Engage program covers a multitude of areas (health, wellbeing, mental health, financial health/education), how can it “change the game” for benefits professionals going through open enrollment?

Will: “Open Enrollment” is usually one of the only times of the year that employees are actually paying attention to what their benefits are – it’s a huge opportunity for employers. As employees look at what they “need” like 401ks and medical insurance, etc. it’s a chance to share programs that go right alongside it – programs like financial wellbeing, mental health, wellbeing programming. All of these are included in Engage, employees won’t be sent to multiple different places to sign up or read more – with Engage, it’s in one spot, easy to use and easy to remember.

Blog: What about HealthSpective overall? How can it benefit employers during Open Enrollment?

Will: Something that gets missed a lot during open enrollment is providing employees some sort of tools or resources that give guidance on what to choose. If an employee isn’t in HR or another HR function, they might not know if they should choose a PPO or how it would impact their family. In addition to all its other benefits functions, HealthSpective’s Assist program fills that void and can help guide employees to decisions that will help them throughout the year. A lot of employers “miss the boat” when it comes to offering this level of help – something that’s not offered in a simple benefits packet. It’s a simple addition that can make a very beneficial difference.

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