Keep an Eye on these Solutions for 2019

Today on the blog we’re joined by John Fosdick – a DHS Group Business Development Manager on the front lines of the employee wellbeing and healthcare industry. John has been working to help employers improve their population health through actionable solutions and engagement resources for over three years.

What’s trending in 2019 is trending.

Wellness, tailored benefits plans, simplicity and technology will all have their time in the spotlight this year. Here’s what I see on the horizon.

1.     Automated Benefit Administration Solutions: With an automated benefits and wellness platform, employees receive guidance and take part in a simple process for selecting and enrolling in the best health benefits programs for both themselves and individual and their immediate families covered under their plans.

This solution is one that can take several months to roll through the RFP, purchasing and implementation process. If you’re interested in a program like this, start researching now and be prepared to start making decisions in the months leading up to your next enrollment period.

2.     Voluntary Benefits: Successful wellness programs (those that lead to healthier employees and lower healthcare costs) are backed by employees that participate in the programs offered – the programs fail if employers can’t find ways to encourage employees to participate. Adding voluntary benefits – like health coaching – to wellness programs can inspire employees to participate at the same time as it continues to increase the overall health and wellness of the population.

3.     A Data Warehouse: A good data warehouse can be used for many things – analytics, pharmacy spend and more; not to mention, it also affords employers independence from siloed vendors that only offer analytics, etc. As analytics – and the ability to more closely categorize employees outside of general things like age or race -  trends, take it a step further with a data warehouse that can help manage everything from disability and worker’s compensation claims to wellness and health grade profiles.

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