DHS Group Announces Capability to Integrate Directly into Learning Management System

Phoenix, Arizona – January 22, 2019 – Dynamic Health Strategies, LLC (DHS Group), exhibiting at the American Kinesiology Association Leadership Workshop, is excited to announce the integration of their HealthSpective Engage Move platform with the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI); this integration will facilitate connectivity with most Learning Management Systems (LMS) used by schools and universities.

Move, which has been implemented at universities and K-12 schools since its inception in 2012, combines sophisticated but easy to use activity tracking software (compatible with more than 40 wearable devices and apps), an engaging group-based dashboard and powerful back-end analytics to streamline and elevate physical education programs across all education levels.

With the addition of the LTI option, Move’s data will be visible within most any LMS system. This integration helps simplify grading and other administrative tasks for instructors and gives them the opportunity to see the Move’s platform and information directly inside their LMS.

From within a LMS, Move’s custom reporting features will continue to be available for download in either Excel or CSV format. In addition, DHS Group will remain vendor neutral, allowing each university, school or physical education (PE) program to use the wearable devices and LMS of their choosing.

While Move’s integration into the LMS makes the management of PE programs easier, it is also another step in DHS Group’s efforts to elevate PE programs across education levels.

“The integration of DHS Group’s Move platform into your school’s LMS is a game changer,” DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett said. “School officials can manage their PE system more effectively and, in return, improve the development of the course and see an impact on the health and wellness of their students.”

Integration is available as an option to the Move platform immediately. 

For more information about DHS Group’s products and services, including how schools and organizations can elevate their PE courses, go to www.dhsgroup.com.

About DHS GROUP for Schools:

DHS Group gives schools the most simple and affordable way to track and report on student step counts while teaching students how rewarding it is to increase their activity levels and develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.