Are Challenges Even Worth It?

If you’re in a position where you coordinate wellness programs for employees and you haven’t asked yourself the question – Is this challenge program worth it? – at least once, we’d be surprised to hear it.

Hopefully, when that question came through your mind, you answered “yes,” but if not, we’re here to change your mind.

In 2018, DHS Group ran more than 200 challenges with 10,000+ participants for companies, universities, schools and programs across the country and after the challenge was over, chatted with employees about their experiences, including the big question at hand, “Are challenges really even worth it?”

  • 88% of participants were extremely satisfied with the challenge and felt it kept them motivated from beginning to end.

  • 91% of participants said participating in the challenge motivated them to move more and increase their daily activity.

  • 86% of participants said participating in a challenge helped their overall journey to wellbeing.

 “…Games are designed with the human brain in mind, so every time you score a point, beat an opponent, or crack a code, the reward center in your brain lights up,” Molly St. Louis said. “A neurotransmitter called dopamine is activated in your brain whenever you achieve something positive…”

Wellness challenges work the same way. The answer to the question of the day is – YES.

If your corporate wellness or challenge program didn’t put in the results you were looking for in 2018 or you’re interested in putting a new spin on your program in the year ahead, check out more information about Move – a module of DHS Group’s HealthSpective program that takes employee engagement to the next level and gets results through gamification and more (not to mention is always improving and building to meet the needs of customers).