Why Isn't Your Wellness Program Working?

Wellness is the name of the game – from step challenges to health coaching to financial planning and everything in between – it’s being integrated (or considered) as part of employee benefits programs everywhere. That said, while the idea is a positive one, wellness programs aren’t always successful, in fact, more often than we’d like to admit, wellness programs fall flat on their faces.

Is there one easy reason why?

We caught up with wellness and human resources industry veteran Rich Siegenthaler to discuss this very question and he broke it down into four common missteps.

  1. Lack of Support from Senior Leadership

    Wellness programs are just like any other corporate initiative -- if senior leadership is not promoting and/or supporting -- it will fail. Wellness is part of a company’s culture because it involves your most valuable asset; your employees, and employees follow their leadership team because they trust that they willfulfill their promise of protection and peace of mind.

  2. Trying to “Do” Wellness Programming Alone

    The day of doing wellness programs internally is over for many reasons – confidentiality/HIPAA, wellness regulations and the ACA, the need for a multitude of time and resources, lack of subject matter expertise and a lack of trust from employees to an employer-run show.

  3. Poor Incentive Structure

    Believe it or not, just because you have a wellness program, it does not mean people will participate -- incentives are the key to success. There are many forms of incentives that can be tied to wellness programming, however, at the end of the day, MONEY is valued more than any other incentive structure in the marketplace. People value money and, fortunately, the guidelines/regulations are in place for employers to follow making a monetary incentive a real option for wellness incentives.

  4. Lack of Convenience

    Technology has arrived in wellness. Employees, no matter their location or occupation, have smartphones and are capable of navigating from app to app and link to link. Additionally, employees no longer want to complete paperwork or turn in form – people want here and now WITH bells and whistles attached. Wellness thrives when it is easy and personal.

Your wellness program CAN be successful – and DHS Group is happy to be able to help you navigate solutions to all of the reasons above. Fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.