Quick Tips for Keeping Your Data Safe & Sound

The more prevalent the discussion surrounding data and analytics, the more prevalent the questions arise regarding their safety and security.

Of course, it’s understandable that any new program comes with risk, but if you take the proper steps to mediate the risk from the beginning you can keep everyone (and their information) safe and sound.

Rabih Suki, DHS Group’s Chief Strategy Officer and security expert, has four main recommendations you should keep in mind.

1.     Staff Training: The groundwork of keeping your data safe and sound is employee training. There are many different trainings that employees can participate in – anything from what to look out for in phishing emails to HIPAA – whatever you chose, having the training as a backbone, puts your employees in a mindset of safety and security anytime they’re dealing with sensitive (or potentially sensitive) information.

2.     Proper Authentication: Anytime sensitive information is being held, the information shouldn’t be able to be accessed without secure authentication – this includes using changing digital tokens and other dual certification means.

3.     Secure Data Center: While data sometimes can feel like it’s “not real” because it isn’t necessarily a stack of papers you can touch and hold, remember that it is! The data centers that house your data and information should have top-level security. In addition to your own security protocols and alerts, your data center should have their own to ensure ports are protected.

4.     Common Sense: While this might seem like the easiest of the four quick safety tips, unfortunately, it’s one that frequently gets thrown to the way side. Remind everyone accessing your data to “use common sense,” regularly – anything from leaving a token somewhere out in the open to a simple email can cause a security breach.

When it comes down to it, the safety and security of data can be drilled down into one simple strategy – think about it like it’s your own data – how would you want your information to be protected? What would you want done with your data?

Do for others, what you would want done for yourself.

DHS Group’s team works alongside companies to protect their information and data in all aspects of their business – including protecting the information and risks that can arise from wellbeing programming. To learn more, get in touch with us here.