Small Changes Lead to Big Results: Health Coaching in Action

When it comes to your employee wellness program, you probably already include some sort of activity or walking challenge. While these challenges are an important piece of the puzzle (just like eating vegetables is to a healthy diet) they aren’t the only piece that you should consider when it comes to helping your employees live their healthiest, happiest lives (you know, like, eating vegetables alongside a balanced diet of protein, whole grains, fruits, etc.).

“There are many things that comprise a successful wellness program,” DHS Group Health Education Manager Tess Zasuwa, said. “A few of the most important are; executive level buy-in, demographic specific programming and employees being provided the right tools and resources to help support them in making the appropriate lifestyle changes.”

The option to work with a wellness or health coach is one of those tools.

Trained in fitness, nutrition and counseling, wellness coaches become an asset in helping their clients develop personal plans and keep them accountable for reaching their goals. Most importantly, a good coach understands the barriers their clients face and help them find reasonable solutions to overcome them.

Never worked with a wellness coach? Here are some thoughts from people who have:

“It was more helpful than I anticipated! I had a head injury years ago that resulted in limitations in my ability to taste and smell. Melissa (DHS Group Dietitian/Coach) was the first person I have consulted that took this in to account – she even considered the texture of food. As a result, I have so many more tastes that I can enjoy (that are healthy!). I have many more things I plan to change about my nutrition – before this, I just gave up and ate the junk food that I could taste.”

“[Working with a coach] was a great experience for those who participated. [The coach] had great topics and provided a visual perspective on nutrition by using real food items. This was very eye-opening and helpful to those struggling with nutrition and weight management.”

“The resources and information [provided by the coach] clarified a LOT for me! Now I get it! Thank you for explaining why vegetables and protein are important in blood sugar control – that helps so much.”

“[Working with a coach on meal planning] made me realize that eating out every day is not healthy for me. Planning meals for the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner is better than just getting something convenient or quick. I liked the food tips each week that gave me great ideas to pack for my food.”

“It’s crucial for companies to take a stake in the health and wellbeing of their employees because those decisions directly impact the health of their business,” Zasuwa said. “When employees feel supported by their employer it can increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and improve employee recruitment and retention – elevating the overall quality of life at work and at home.”

Are you ready to take the next step in helping your employees meet their health and wellness goals through health coaching? DHS Group offers coaching as a part of Motivate – a module of DHS Group’s HealthSpective program that takes employee engagement to the next level. Learn more here.