REWIND: Four Ways Adding Financial Wellness Helps Your Employees & Your Bottom Line

According to DHS Group partner Best Money Moves, an award-winning, cloud-based mobile-first financial wellness platform, “More than 80 percent of employees say financial stress is their #1 stressor.” They go on to report that employees spend an average of 12-15 work hours per month fretting about their finances.  

“That’s time they’re not spending on the work you pay them to do,” Ilyce R. Glink, Founder/CEO of Best Money Moves, said.

But offering your employees a financial wellness product can help:

1.     Reduce healthcare costs and improve healthcare outcomes

2.     Make your Millennial employees happier

3.     Boost productivity

4.     Attract top talent

Read more about the benefits of financial wellness programming and how it can help your company and your bottom line as we rewind to Ms. Glink’s full guest post on financial wellness.

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