For Your Patients, Privacy is Everything

“For me, my privacy is everything…,” said Janet, a working mom. “But every time I visit a new doctor or specialist, I’m forced to fill out the same paperwork, include my social security number and write all of my private medical history down over and over again.”

“As I fill out each piece of paperwork I wonder if this will be the time that my personal information is finally stolen – will the paperwork, bound for the shredder, get picked up with someone with ill intent? Will the paperwork fall to the wayside and find its way into the wrong hands? There has to be a better way.”

Janet’s fears are not unfounded.


A study by the Federal Trade Commission says that medical identity theft has just continued to grow since it was first labeled in 2006. While medical identity theft can occur in a variety of ways and places, one of the easiest places for the crime to occur is at healthcare facilities as the information needed to proceed with the crime is already all in one place.

The FTC reports that medical identity theft victims see changes to their health care records, significant bills for medical goods and services that they didn’t receive, issues with insurance and more.

Is there a better way?

“The first step to better patient safety is acknowledging that there’s a problem – or a potential problem – and being willing to take the steps to fix it,” DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett, said.

Start here:

  1. Get rid of outdated sign-in sheets that put patient names out in the open for anyone to see.

  2. Create unique identification codes for each patient – connecting them to their records and information.

  3. Develop workflows that immediately identify problems so that solutions can quickly be put into action.

While Janet might not be a patient of yours, chances are, you have one just like her.  It’s time to not only ease their fears, but make you stronger as well. Fix the problems before they start.

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