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Jennie Stuart Health, a 194-bed acute-care hospital in Southwest Kentucky, researched the wait times at their facility and evaluated where improvements, education and processes needed to be changed to improve the system – hopefully leading to shorter wait times, an easier registration process and happier patients and staff.


With an average wait time of 11-12 minutes, there was room for improvement.

SecurePass by DHS Group, a multi-level system that delivers seamless and secure registration and patient engagement experiences, allowed JSH to track a patient from the beginning of their experience to the end – giving a full picture of wait times, registration issues and more. As SecurePass was integrated into JSH’s patient access system, the hospital continued to see a more efficient process for staff and patients and improved registration times.

“Our average wait times were at 11-12 minutes when patients were waiting to be registered,” JSH Patient Access Director Shawnna Combes said. “Our current wait time totals are 3.43 minutes. We’re proud of our team and their hard work and dedication.”

Jennie Stuart Health isn’t the only ones who’ve seen an impact on their wait times and patient registration and satisfaction post-SecurePass implementation.

“If you have the opportunity to acquire more tools [like SecurePass] that will lead to new processes and patient satisfaction,” Combes said. “Why not do it?”   

Interested in seeing these real-world solutions bring success to your hospital or healthcare system? Read the full story of how SecurePass assisted Jennie Stuart Health and then click here to learn more about SecurePass by DHS Group and to get in touch with a member of our team.