Empower Your Employee Wellbeing with Biometric Screenings

Having an employee wellbeing program in place is one of the first pieces of the puzzle. However, an often-overlooked second step is the value that biometric screenings and health risk assessments can bring to the table.

HRAs and biometric screenings are tools that employers can use to gauge particular data points to get an idea of not only what an employee perceives their health to be, but also some information on what their health really is. This data can open up an opportunity to build to more comprehensive and valuable wellbeing programs – a benefit for both the employee and the employer.

Without HRAs and biometric screenings, here is some of what you’re missing:  

1.     Convenience: On-site biometric screenings not only have a high participation rate (DHS Group sees a 72 percent participation rate at screening initiatives across the country), but they also can bring attention to a “why” an employee might need to visit their PCP that might not have been discovered otherwise.

2.     Empowered Employees: Every time an employee participates in a biometric screening, they learn something very important and personal about themselves.

3.     Action Items: HRAs can help employers get a better understanding of their employee group and what they need and want in their wellbeing programs. An employer can ask questions like, “How do you feel about quitting tobacco,” instead of just “Do you use tobacco?”

4.     Stronger Data: The information received at biometric screenings can compound both the success of wellbeing programs and the level of detail in data and analytics solutions. With screening information, the “perception of health” is tied back to what a person’s true health is.

5.     Awareness: Building on the awareness that biometric screenings bring are the results – If the results trigger action, the employee and the employer both win.

HRAs and biometric screenings are tools that can easily be added to existing health and wellbeing programs to improve the program and, more importantly, continue to give employees information and opportunities to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

“The idea behind wellbeing initiatives is to create a better life for everybody,” Rich Siegenthaler, DHS Group VP of Employer Solutions, said. “The key is engagement. The solution is convenience… Biometric screenings are a win-win in every case.”

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