Find Your Goal & Work Towards It

Last week, DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett shared with Benefits Pro the value of having a clear goal as part of worksite wellness programs.

“As a CEO, I know that any change initiative designed without an understanding of the current process, its risks and costs, and poorly defined improvement goals, is doomed,” Pritchett said. “Successful programs use data upfront to understand the ‘As Is,’ and set change goals based on what the data shows (analytics), and then build a program to meet those goals.”

When it comes to beginning a wellness program and setting goals, Pritchett recommends the following in the article:

1.     Know your cost drivers

2.     Get to the root cause of the health problem

3.     Keep measuring

4.     Focus on “moving the middle”

5.     Don’t neglect the silent members 

To read the entire article, including details about each of the bullets above, click here.

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