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DHS Group Announces Capability to Integrate Directly into Learning Management System

DHS Group's HealthSpective Engage: Move which has been implemented at universities and K-12 schools since its inception in 2012, combines sophisticated but easy to use activity tracking software (compatible with more than 40 wearable devices and apps), an engaging group-based dashboard and powerful back-end analytics to streamline and elevate physical education programs across all education levels.

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Three Reasons You Need a Benefits & Wellness Hub Right Now

Our guest blog series, where we feature industry leaders and partners and give readers the opportunity to read expert advice from across the wellbeing and employee benefits industries, is back this week with a post from benefitexpress. In this guest post, benefit express shares their insights around the value of including wellbeing alongside your employee benefits programming.

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DHS Group Selected as URAC-Approved Vendor

URAC accreditation “is recognized as a key differentiator and independent validation of quality,” and is often a requirement when it comes to joining a specific network. In order to maintain or gain URAC accreditation, participating companies must undergo and annual Measure and Data Validation review by a URAC-approved third-party vendor. How can DHS Group help?

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Technology: Helping HR Pros Face Industry Changes Head-On

If you’ve had your hand on the pulse of the HR and benefits industries, you have been hearing about the ongoing transition from simple wellness programming to all-encompassing wellbeing programs. The changes can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be… there are technology programs and systems that can help. What can these programs bring to the table?

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The Transformation from Wellness to Wellbeing

Regardless of whether you view employee wellness from the view of an industry professional, a person who is tasked with finding and implementing wellness strategies for groups of employees, or that of someone who is partaking in said programming, you’re sure to have begun to noticed a shift. A shift from just “wellness” to an all-encompassing “wellbeing” strategy. 

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