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Have Yourself a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

Earlier this year, Tess Zasuwa, one of DHS Group’s Certified Health Coaches, joined us on the blog to share a little bit about the value of working with a coach and why it’s important to take a stake in the health and wellbeing of your employees. Tess is back on the blog this week to give a few tips on how to keep moving and keep wellbeing in mind during the upcoming holiday season.

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Empower & Engage with Biometric Screenings

“Organizations want their employees engaged with their primary care physician (PCP),” DHS Group VP of Employer Solutions Rich Siegenthaler, said. “However, the majority of people do not get an annual physical and/or their yearly preventative exams, even with full medical coverage by their employer.” This is where biometric screenings come in.

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Investing in Your Health: How Much is it Really Worth?

This week, Melissa Vajas, a Registered Dietitian and member of DHS Group’s Wellbeing team, returns to the blog to answer a few questions and have a conversation about the value of investing in health. The topic is one that Melissa feels strongly about as her goal is to help her clients invest in the small changes that will add up to make a greater overall impact on their health and wellness.

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Wellbeing: What's in a Name?

If you’re considering starting, or working to revamp, your employee wellbeing program, it’s time to start to consider the real meaning of the word “wellbeing” as it falls into the title of your program. Take a look at the true definition of wellbeing and broaden the scope of your program to include all-encompassing components that can help your employees live well – in more than just a single area of their lives.

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Summer: An Opportunity for Healthy Choices

Backyard barbecues are a staple of the summer season. However, our favorite summer dishes can often be loaded with empty calories that can lead to unwanted weight gain. This year, make simple changes to transform your traditional cookout into an occasion that’s both delicious and nutritious.

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