REWIND: Going Beyond ROI

Last fall, the Harvard Business Review’s Jim Purcell asked, “Can wellness programs help employers reduce out-of-control healthcare costs?” The answer he found through research and discussion was, “yes.”

Building on that answer, Purcell also drew attention to the value of looking beyond simply return on investment (ROI) and including other potential outcomes when it comes to measuring the performance of wellness and wellbeing programs.

Factors like nutrition and exercise are a great first step on a journey towards an increased ROI, but it’s the integration of programs that prevent at-risk employees from getting sicker or stabilize chronic conditions that can help employers find true success in their population health management.

In this month’s Rewind feature, you can read more about Purcell’s ideas on wellness and wellbeing ROI and how full-circle solutions, which include additional aspects like data and analytics alongside traditional wellness programming, are a viable solution to not only get employees healthier but save companies money.