Meet the New Movband 4 & HealthSpective App!

We’re thrilled to announce the Movband 4, our latest activity tracker, and the new and improved HealthSpective Move mobile app.

“We’re excited about this development and look forward to more employers using Movband and Healthspective,” Jim Pritchett, DHS Group CEO, said. “HealthSpective Move is device independent, so companies can use the new Movband 4 and the app to setup and manage fitness programs with combinations of existing devices – including personal smart phones.”

In addition to maintaining the reliability and accuracy of past editions of the Movband, the Movband 4 offers new features to enhance both physical design and user capabilities including water proofing, a touch screen with increased clarity and brightness, up to 10 days of battery life and more.

The newly released HealthSpective Move app, available for both iOS and Android, is faster and more user-friendly than previous versions. The app is compatible with the new Movband 4 , Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, among others, and offers a single sync button that links activity tracker information with the app (and the web-based Engage Dashboard) and Leaderboards for Challenges are only one click away.

These updates will inspire participants to move more and make positive, lasting lifestyle changes.

“The Movband 4 and HealthSpective Move app make it fun and easy for users to track and measure their movement,” Pritchett said. “With this information readily available, participation in wellness programs increases and fitness goals are much easier attained leading to a healthier population.”

The Movband 4 can be purchased in our online shop and the HealthSpective Move app is available today for download on both Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Ready to learn more about bringing these updates to your company? Take the first step by scheduling a brief call with our team.