Activity Trackers: Bringing Awareness & Motivation to Your Day

As we have several times in the last few months, DHS Group will continue to feature a few of our friends and partners on the blog, giving readers the opportunity to read expert advice from leaders across the health, analytics and wellness industries. Today’s blog comes from one of our Customer Success leaders, Sarah Kirk. In addition to working on the front-lines for DHS Group, Sarah has years of experience in many areas of physical fitness and physical education, including recently completing her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.

Activity trackers have gained a lot of attention over the past couple of years and even more so in the last few months. While these trackers commonly measure steps and calories burned, some also measure distance, stairs climbed, heart rate and sleep patterns. Are there benefits to wearing such devices?

In short, yes! Activity trackers motivate and, most importantly, bring awareness to the benefits of an active lifestyle. Simply looking down at your wrist serves as a reminder to get moving – a “wake-up call” towards better health. These small nudges, over time, can lead to massive results: reduced absenteeism from illness, weight loss, better sleep quality, higher productivity and more. Parking further away from your office, taking a lunch walk or choosing the stairs eventually feel routine.

Activity trackers are personal devices, meaning they’re an excellent option in achieving your unique daily goal, whatever that may be (10,000 steps per day is the average number recommended for healthy adults). That said, activity trackers on a personal level are just the start and can be even more motivational when paired with workplace group activity challenges, especially if there’s an incentive or reward at the end of the challenge. Challenges are a fun and different way to get moving and active throughout the work day/week while utilizing activity trackers that many people already own from brands like Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone.

Combining personal progress with workplace challenges can make reaching your wellness goals more obtainable and help you maintain a balance of health and happiness across many areas of your life.

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