Meet our Newest Partner, Bene-Fit

Last month, we announced that DHS Group had formed a partnership with Houston-based health risk management company Bene-Fit. As part of the partnership, Bene-Fit includes DHS Group’s HealthSpective Analyze and Engage (Medical and Move) platforms as pieces of their standard program components – helping clients reduce their healthcare spending at every level, from identifying, intervening and improving the health of high-risk segments to designing custom plans to maximize coverage and minimize exposure.

We invited them to join us on the blog today to tell us a little bit more about themselves and the work they do improve population health.

There are many wellbeing programs out there, all striving to do the same thing: increase overall health and morale within the workplace. Bene-Fit is one of those programs, but we have a little something that makes us different – accountability!

Bene-Fit’s unique design sets each employee up with a personal coach who helps guide them through the obstacles he or she might face while pursuing their health goals. Each and every month, our coaches reach employees through one-on-one consultations (via email, texts, phone calls, or on-site visits) to provide education, ideas, and encouragement to keep employees engaged and motivated. This personal, supportive relationship is key to our program and the success of its participants.

We understand that "wellness" can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some, it might mean eating healthier, but to others, it could mean paying off their debt or reducing their stress at home. Rather than trying to narrow down our definition of "wellness" to one specific area, we embrace the idea of a complete state of wellbeing. As a result, our coaches can help employees improve their health in a wide variety of ways, including: weight loss and nutrition counseling, disease management and prevention, stress and time management, dental health, sleep hygiene, exercise, workplace productivity and more.

Partnering with DHS Group and utilizing HealthSpective Analyze allows us to target and manage risk across populations like never before. HealthSpective Analyze takes medical and pharmacy claims, biometric and wellness data, fitness data, disability and workers comp, and other company-specific data (all included as part of a Bene-Fit enrollment) and breaks down the complex relationship between each of these variables into actionable solutions. This insightful data on employee populations allows our coaches to create custom initiatives to improve employee wellbeing and health spending.

Within the Move platform (part of HealthSpective Engage), data from Analyze creates personalized risk profiles for each employee. This enables Bene-Fit to work with individuals by specifically targeting their health risks through preventative coaching and other measures. On top of that, the Move platform places employees into groups that can help drive friendly competition with access to leaderboard and challenges. Our coaches can set up challenges for the entire company or create teams within the company to compete for fun rewards and bragging rights around the office.

With our ideals and values aligned, the partnership between Bene-Fit and DHS Group is a natural fit. We are excited about joining forces and truly believe that DHS Group will help us continue to be the best wellbeing program in the marketplace with the most value for employees and employers!