Activate Your Staff with Challenge Templates

When tasked with explaining the barriers to getting active, the Mayo Clinic shared the five most common excuses people give when asked why they don’t exercise.

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I think exercise is boring.
  3. I’m conscious about how I look.
  4. I’m too tired to exercise after work.
  5. I’m too lazy to exercise.

These reasons (along with many others) are why many companies have started to implement group activity challenges in which employees can participate during the work day, encouraging positive lifestyle changes that go beyond just a 30-minute treadmill run after work or a Saturday morning yoga class and make activity part of regular daily life.

With our Move module, 57 percent of participants in recent activity challenges have said their overall activity levels (including exercise!) increased after getting involved in a challenge and 77 percent of participants were more motivated to increase their daily physical activity.

That said, getting an activity challenge in place can be viewed as the “easy part,” until you start thinking about next steps and questions like:

  • What should our challenge reward be?
  • How do I incorporate and measure more than just number of steps per day?
  • How do I motivate people? 

This is where Move’s “challenge templates” and our Relationship Managers come to the rescue.

When you utilize Move to manage your group activity programs, you have the option to choose from a selection of creative challenge templates that mix up themes, goals, lengths and more. Simply pick the challenge you want to run for your group, select the start date and you’re set.


Looking for extra help putting the finishing touches on a festive seasonal challenge (like the Turkey Trot Team Challenge around Thanksgiving)? Our Relationship Managers are here to help and can act as a sounding board or share a few creative ideas of their own.

Regardless of the specific aspects of the challenge you choose, putting one in place is the first step toward engaging your group in their health and encouraging active lifestyle changes that make an impact not just in the office, but in every part of an employee’s life.

If your current corporate well-being and/or wellness programs aren’t pulling in the results you’re looking for and you’re stumped when it comes to new challenges or ideas to get people involved, check out more information about Move – a module within our HealthSpective Engage platform that takes employees to the next level validated by proven results.

Ready to learn more? Click below to watch a quick video that showcases more of what Move is all about and then get connected with one of our Business Development Managers to learn about how to put Move to work for you.

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