DHS Staff: How We're Staying Active this Holiday Season

Holiday season is upon us and like every year, there seems to be an invitation to a party or special event around every corner – quickly filling up the calendar alongside work commitments, holiday shopping, family outings and more.

Unfortunately, with the busyness of the season, commitments to staying active can become harder and harder to maintain. We caught up with some members of the DHS Group team to hear about their favorite ways to stay active and maintain their spot on the company’s Move challenge leaderboard during the busy month ahead.


“My family takes a walk around the neighborhood after cleaning up the kitchen from the big meal. Some years we’re walking in snow and other times we’re walking with light jackets (Ohio weather!), but we do it every year.”

Nathan W.

“I always try to walk (instead of taking the train or trolley) between gates at airports when I’m traveling during the holidays and like to work in a festive 5 or 10K when I can!”

Alexis T.

“I always play flag football with all the kids before lunch!”

John F.
Business Development

“My favorite way to stay active (anytime) is Jazzercise! I love being an instructor because it’s so fun and makes me feel great.”

Kelsey L.
Customer Success

“We always go out to a rural tree farm and cut down our tree and haul it out.” 

Michael W.
Business Development

“Hiking! Especially since all the snakes and mosquitos are gone.”

Scott J.

“Family play time! Playing with and carrying all my younger cousins is probably the best work out.”

Alyssa A.

“I like to join holiday-themed 5K races around the area!”

Sarah K.
Customer Success

“I’m part of a Facebook workout group. The group is awesome because it holds me accountable for my workouts and what I eat each day. We report about our day each night, and even though it only takes a few minutes, it’s a great way to keep motivated and get quick and easy healthy recipes, etc.”

Maureen B.
Customer Success

“I keep up with regular aerobic exercise – alternating gym machines, weights and P90x and walk at least three miles per day.”

Larry M.
Health Plan Services

“Currently, I’m on a mission to reach a “class set” of good form push-ups (91 continuous) and 20 pull-ups. Over the holidays, I’m pestering myself to add more cardio too: jogging three miles, stair master and rowing.”

Shean D.
Health Plan Services

“I try my best to park far away at shopping centers. Not only is there more parking available farther away and your car gets dinged less, you get the extra steps that can help counteract the extra calories you eat. I also like to go for a walk with family visitors or to check out places you are visiting.”

Daryl S.
Business Development

Now that you’ve heard what the DHS team is doing to stay active this season, we’d love for you to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to tell us what you’re up to and give us more ideas for this year and beyond.

Stay tuned to the blog for a post later this month that includes a few of DHS’s favorite healthy holiday snacks and treats! 

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