Changing Healthcare Through Innovation

Earlier this month, DHS Group was honored to be named one of Healthcare Tech magazine’s “Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Providers.”

“Healthcare analytics today needs to come to grips with the fast paced world of ever changing technology needs,” the magazine said. “…Providers need to be on the climbing curve of innovation, balancing longevity, consistency and reliability, all at the same time.”

At DHS Group, “climbing the curve of innovation” has taken the company from its beginnings in HEDIS® reporting and Medicaid and Medicare exchange auditing to now offering a full-circle healthcare platform, HealthSpective® that is working to change the face of healthcare today by facing industry standards head-on.

“Further innovations from sectors in information technology like IoT, Big Data and AI are driving home a very clear point – standard industry silos must go,” Healthcare Tech said.

HealthSpective does just that - eliminate the industry siloes - by bringing together, not only data reporting and analytics, but also engagement programs that empower and encourage employees towards wellbeing. Ultimately, helping companies improve their population health – a change that leads to lives saved, cost savings and more.

“The true prospect of Population Health Management solutions can be achieved only when organizations don’t stop with predicting the health concerns of their employees, but are capable of prescribing and implementing solutions to solve those issues,” DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett told Healthcare Tech.

With more than 20 years in the industry, stopping is not something that’s on the calendar here.

(To read the entire award article, click here.)

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be launching additions to the HealthSpective platform that include modules that relate to financial wellbeing, mindfulness and more. Curious to learn more about HealthSpective and how it can help you bring solutions to your team? Read about how it has helped other companies improve their population health and then schedule a quick call to talk with our team and learn more about the upcoming additions to the platform.

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