Elevate Your PE Program

As the world becomes increasingly digital – with everything from business meetings to grocery shopping regularly done online – schools are jumping in with both feet and joining the digital revolution.

Distance and blended learning (a combination of online and in-person instruction) are becoming a reality, and schools are working to integrate wearable devices into their PE programs for greater accountability and measurable value.

Distance and blended learning classrooms can use wearable technology to help keep their students accountable for projects and tasks at hand – regardless of how often the students and the teachers meet face-to-face or spend time together in the classroom or gym.

Utilizing wearable technology in education brings value to all of the parties involved – teachers, students and the school itself.

For teachers, they now have an easy and scalable way to check in on students remotely – a quick click into an online platform and they can see if the students are being active during specified class times, or take a look at other fitness variables. Additionally, teachers can advise and coach students on fitness goals and progress.

For students, the value is not only current, making a virtual activity class easier for them, but also in the long-term – helping them gain awareness on their daily activity levels which affect their health and lifestyle for many years to come.

For schools, the combination of value brought to the teachers and the students brings value to the educational institute itself. No longer are their teachers stuck with manual tracking and no more is taking a gym class just something that needs to be done for a class credit.

DHS Group took the value and accountability of utilizing fitness trackers in schools into consideration as we created our Move module.

Teachers: Move includes an administrator Dashboard where teachers can track students in different classes (i.e. Challenges) to keep an eye on their progress and daily tracking. That same Dashboard gives teachers the ability to message their students directly, giving an update on class schedules, Challenges and more.

Students: Move’s ability to work with more than 40 different fitness trackers makes it easy for students to get involved. Additionally, the platform works with our own lost-cost Movband, which enables students to start the virtual program at a small entry point.

Schools: Move has privacy settings for groups, with the option for every member to stay completely anonymous in the class. DHS also offers flexible fulfillment – If a school decides to buy a full set of Movbands for their students, DHS can either send the lot to the school for distribution or set up a virtual storefront for students to log in and purchase their own Movband.

Last week, Michael Werneiwski, a member of DHS’s business development team, hosted a webinar in conjunction with the American Kinesiology Association where he discussed the content above, including more information about how DHS has seen their Move program work for both the secondary and collegiate applications. Contact us for a copy of the webinar!