REWIND: Data on the Rise in HR

“This [The rise of data in HR functions] is good news for human resources professionals, according to researchers: The management of data is a new area where HR can make significant impact on external stakeholders, something CEOs want dearly from the HR function,” a recent report from the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) said.

Is it all talk? Can data really help? A few years ago, a client began putting data to work for their population.

They found…

  • The ability to understand group healthcare costs across more than 10,000 members and two different health plans and pharmacy feeds
  • Seamless integration with wellness programs
  • Health plan savings
  • Improved data management opportunities
  • And more!

In this week’s Rewind feature, read more about how data is on the rise in HR and expanded information on how this client put data to work for their team.