Get Moving this Summer

Last fall, Sarah Kirk, a member of our Customer Success team joined us on the blog to talk about the benefits of activity trackers and how they work to bring awareness and motivation to your day. This week, Sarah, also a Certified Wellness Coach with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, is back to share some tips on how to keep moving and stay healthy during the busy summer season of fun and travel ahead.

Between work, vacations, sporting events and more, physical activity can be pushed to the back burner or even completely ignored during the busy summer months.

However, as hard as it is, summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the warm weather, fresh air and sunshine when your activity tracker gives you that reminder to get moving.

Here are a few recommendations to help you stay healthy and active while still enjoying your summer:

Stuck inside during work?
Instead of going out for lunch, take your lunch breaks outside and walk around your building or complex for 30-60 minutes (there may even be a park nearby that you can visit) and invite your coworkers to come along. Have a meeting coming up? A nice summer day is a perfect excuse to take that meeting outside and make it a walking meeting.

If you don’t have time at work to walk or be outside during the day, summer is a great time to meet friends and family for a post-work stroll around the block or participate in a recreational sports league in the evenings.

Going on vacation this summer?
Take an extra second to pack workout clothes and tennis shoes in your suitcase because a majority of hotels and resorts have great gyms (with lots of fitness options) for their guests. If you’re going on a beach vacation, that’s even better since running or walking on the beach is a great cardiovascular workout and ideal for toning those legs! Wherever you go, find attractions that have a lot of walking associated with them or choose to walk wherever you’re headed; this way you will be having fun and racking up steps without even realizing it.

What else do you need to remember?
Remember to stay hydrated! This is especially important in the hot summer sun. While it’s recommended a person drink 64 oz. of water daily, if you’re out in the heat and sun for an extended period of time, your water intake should increase. In addition to drinking plenty of water, wear lightweight, light-colored clothing when outdoors in the heat, apply sunscreen and be cognizant of the temperature outside; if it rises too high, stay inside to prevent heat stroke or exhaustion from occurring.

No matter what summer activity is on the horizon, our Move platform, the employee engagement module of HealthSpective Engage, can help you and your employees track their movement and continue to promote wellbeing and health in your population.

To learn more about Move, which works with more than 30 activity trackers (like Movband, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Watch) and mobile apps (like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit) and has a participation rate of more than 85%, click here.