3 Keys for Building a Holistic Wellbeing Program

In “What is Holistic Health & Why it’s Important,” MindBodyGreen’s James Maskell concentrates on the belief that a “holistic” view of health includes the sum of many parts, not just one system.

When it comes to organizations looking to improve their population health and wellbeing, a holistic view can help organizations achieve better health outcomes alongside cost savings.

Let’s take a look at a few must-haves for a full-circle solution to population health:

1. Advanced Data Warehouse
Having an advanced data warehouse could be likened to making sure that your house has a solid foundation on which to build. With a warehouse at your fingertips, you’re able to not only have the health information you need, but also focus on specific data feeds relevant to your organization.

2. Population Health Science
Without population health science, the information you gathered with your advanced data warehouse would be just that – information you gathered. Population health science, and the experts who come alongside it, enable you to look into your information to see if there are specific health issues or events that your employees are struggling with, pinpointing your population’s unique challenges and opportunities. After these focus areas are found, finding solutions for better population health becomes a much clearer path.

3. Member Engagement
This final must-have is the culmination of the first two items on the list - member engagement. Engagement solutions give employers the opportunity to enact action-based solutions based on the information gathered through the advanced data warehouse and population health science. In order to see results, member engagement takes on several parts including enabling members to take control of their own health information and get involved in programs like step and activity challenges.

Dr. Thomas Parry, President of the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) said in a meeting with population health experts several weeks ago, “If you can’t tell a story using data and make it tangible, you will never motivate and drive change.”

Utilizing all three of the must-haves for population health allows you to do just that.

At DHS Group, we’re passionate about connecting all three areas – the advanced data warehouse, population health science and member engagement – to give employers the opportunity to have the best possible population health alongside cost savings. Contact us to learn more.