REWIND: A Reminder of Data’s Value in the Changing Market

Like most industries, the world of human resources and corporate benefits has ebbed and flowed over the years. Today, the business of HR and benefits is facing some of its biggest challenges yet as companies are expected to continue providing top-level healthcare and benefits for their employees, but at a lower cost than ever.

As someone with nearly 40 years of experience in HR and corporate benefits, Al Rapp has both seen and been a part of the changes the industry has faced and overcome in the past. That experience has given him insight into what the industry is going through today and an understanding of where employers currently find themselves.

In this month’s Rewind feature, Rapp, who retired a few years ago as the VP of Worldwide Healthcare for the United Parcel Service, shares about the value data can have in helping employers manage their healthcare costs. He also talks about how, when combined with action plans, can go far in bringing about positive change.