REWIND: Encourage Movement & Raise Funds with Meaningful Miles

Last year, over the course of two challenges, the SEAL Legacy Foundation – a nonprofit that provides support to the families of wounded and fallen Navy SEALs, educational assistance for SEALs and their families, and more – encouraged their supporters to not only take more than 20,000,000 steps, but also raised funds to back their mission.

“Not only did I enjoy participating in a Challenge that supported a good cause, but being involved definitely helped me stay active and keep moving,” a Challenge participant said.

How can you raise funds at the same time you’re encouraging movement and health? With Meaningful Miles.

“We thought [Meaningful Miles] was a new and innovative way to fundraise and an incredible opportunity and anyone could do it from anywhere in the world,” a SEAL Legacy Foundation leader shared. “Setting up a challenge is a simple process and a great way to do something different for our donors and potential donors. Meaningful Miles is an awesome technology and an innovative fundraising tool.”

In this week’s Rewind feature, learn more about how SEAL Legacy raised funds while encouraging movement for their group – all through DHS Group’s Move module technology, a platform that works with more than 40 wearable activity trackers and mobile apps.