Raise Funds, Engage Donors & Get Moving with Meaningful Miles

Civic leagues, university fundraising boards, private foundations, public charities and more. If you’re like us, you not only donate to several of these groups on a regular basis, but you also help them fundraise and plan special events throughout the year, always on the hunt for new and creative tactics to get people involved.

Meet the Meaningful Miles: Fundraising Activity Challenge.

Powered by DHS Group’s Move module, Meaningful Miles gives any group looking to raise money – from nonprofits to corporate philanthropy boards – the opportunity to take advantage of the growing activity tracker market by hosting online group activity Challenges. These Challenges engage supporters and motivate them to lead healthier lives, all while raising money for their cause.

While many organizations host races or walks to raise funds, these events require countless hours of preparation before, during and after the event. Using Meaningful Miles to host a similar event online gives donors across the world the opportunity to get involved with over 40 activity trackers and mobile apps. During a Meaningful Miles Challenge, participants have access to an online Dashboard that gives them real-time information on their quest towards the Challenge goal and where they stand on the leaderboard. Challenge administrators can encourage their group along the way with custom communications.

Earlier this year, the SEAL Legacy Foundation hosted a Meaningful Miles Challenge that saw participants from more than 19 states and territories link up their activity trackers and take nearly 20 million steps over the course of the Challenge!

“Not only did I enjoy participating in a challenge that supported a good cause,” a SEAL Legacy Foundation event participant said, “But being involved definitely helped me stay active and keep moving.”

Implementing a Meaningful Miles Challenge for your group is easy. Start by simply choosing your registration fee (what the Challenge participants pay to get involved), Challenge length and goal, and then work with our team to finalize several different areas of customization.

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