Meaningful Fitness Tracker Data is on the Rise

Tech-centered online publication Wareable recently joined the discussion on what has become a trending conversation topic: “Meaningful fitness tracker data is finally on the agenda.

‘I personally believe that we have just finished seeing the first generation of wearables and are about to enter the ‘what’s next phase.’ Those were the words of Mike Lee, Chief Digital Officer at Under Armour, expressing his feelings on the current state of wearable technology and connected devices.

Fitness trackers, which have long been looked at as a way to record a simple metrics like steps or miles walked during the day, are starting to be tapped for the additional information they can provide – insightful data that can provide a holistic view of an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

Article author Michael Sawh goes on to quote IBM’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Kyu Rhee in backing up the belief that “more” will soon be expected of fitness trackers that many people wear on a regular basis. Rhee feels that putting together goals (like 10,000 steps per day) that aren’t specific to a person’s needs and preferences is a disservice to the individual. Rather, the goals need to be personalized to each person’s daily – and medical – needs.

... What’s more important here is that the role of data is now a bigger part of the fitness tracker discussion.

DHS Group has been passionate about taking fitness tracker data to the next level since its inception, through the integration of reported and actionable data that enables members to make healthy behavioral changes. This is something we like to call a “full-circle solution” – a solution that takes state-of-the-art analytics and pairs them with action plans to create human-centric healthcare answers.

This “full-circle solution” is rooted in our program HealthSpective and its two powerful applications – Analyze and Engage. Through the combination of Analyze and Engage, HealthSpective gives users the opportunity to not only view the data coming in through their fitness tracker (like number of steps or miles walked), but put that data alongside their health information and health spending. That combination enables clients and users to achieve the best possible results in their health management.

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