Meet Leslie, a Relationship Manager at DHS Group

We caught up with Leslie, a Relationship Manager at DHS Group, to chat about her role and the corporate wellness industry.


Leslie, what makes a wellness platform great?
Great corporate wellness platforms must be simple to manage, engaging and impactful (think: positive lifestyle changes and ROI). The best programs involve everyone from the office athlete to those who simply want to move more. Accountability is key, too. Tools like wearable devices help keep participants accountable and engaged – They're way more than a trendy piece of tech. Our Move module is now compatible with devices from brands like Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone, and we have seen some great results so far.

How do you support corporate wellness programs?
We've supported hundreds of wellness programs for small and mid-sized companies. Every program is different, though, which makes my day-to-day exciting! I work closely with admins to provide the support they need to have impactful programs. Plus, each admin receives VIP Support, which is a direct help line to my team.

DHS Group offers wellness programs that motivate 85% of participants to move more. Click below if you're interested in scheduling a brief demo with a team member or simply want to learn more.