Meet Will, VP of Employer Solutions at DHS Group

We caught up with Will Herold, DHS Group’s VP of Employer Solutions, to chat about wellness and wellbeing programs and the value of data and analytics in healthcare.

Will, what makes a corporate wellness or wellbeing program successful?
A good wellness or wellbeing program engages the employee in ways that are helpful and important based on the company’s culture. For remote companies, a program is a way that everyone stays connected and the technologies that a program offers (like social features) make it successful. For other companies, that may not be as remote, a wellness or wellbeing program is something that gets employees from different areas together for face-to-face interaction. Ultimately, the goal of a successful program should be to provide an employee engagement experience that educates and assists the employee on the things that are most important for them to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle.

How do you think data and analytics fit into the equation?
Health is a very reactive part of our lives – we only go to the doctor when we’re sick – and it’s not until later in life that we start being proactive with appointments. Data and analytics provide transparency about what’s going on with a person’s health so that people can take on ownership and responsibility. Building on that, data and analytics alongside a wellness program is a great step towards proactive health. Without data and analytics, wellness programs can result in continuing the themes of our reactive society and not solve anything.

What are the main values of utilizing data and analytics in healthcare?
What’s important about using data and analytics in healthcare is that it lets you bring multiple different data points into a single warehouse so that you can analyze points that you normally would not have. You can look at the data behind someone with a consistent worker’s comp claim – Do they have other claims? What does their satisfaction survey say? Are they saving for retirement? Do they participate in the company wellness program? – and find out what may be some better ways to help them.

Tying numbers together that you couldn’t tie in the past is why data and analytics are important. The “C-Suite” have been using data and analytics to run their businesses for years, but now it’s becoming available to help from an HR standpoint. It’s a true HR tool that results in return on investment.

Finally, what sets DHS Group apart?
There are multiple things that set DHS apart. First, the inclusion of the Engage Medical module that further establishes transparency and proactivity in health. Second, Move, which works seamlessly alongside Medical and Analyze, provides a unique tool for employee engagement that supports great company culture. Finally, and perhaps, most important, is DHS’s commitment. Everyone at DHS has a sense of pride in the product they’re producing and wants to work together to not only make it better, but make it the best for their clients. DHS’s flexibility and passion for helping their clients is something that’s outside the box when it comes to vendors and that truly sets this team apart.

Learn more about how DHS Group combines wellness and wellbeing programs with beneficial background data and analytics by clicking here. Ready to chat with a member of our Business Development Team? Complete this form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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