Welcome to the Engage Family, Move & Medical

We’re thrilled to announce that our Move and Medical modules are now fully integrated within HealthSpective Engage!

To our participants, this means a simpler experience with more powerful and engaging features to elevate their health. Participants and admins will be able to see both modules under one dashboard with a single registration and sign on experience.

The Move module provides participants with insight into their daily health and fitness activity level and allows them to track their progress toward personal fitness goals with data from our own Movband and devices from major brands like: Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone. Leslie, a Relationship Manager at DHS, wrote a great post last month about Move. Read it here.

The Medical module can provide participants with a snapshot of their medical experience and costs, opportunities to improve their health and wellness, and links to resources and programs to assist them on their journey toward better health.

Please reach out to learn more about the Move and Medical modules for your group or client! And if you're a Move admin of an enterprise group (500+ participants), we'd love to chat more about unlocking the Medical module.

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