Get Moving & Win with our Latest National Challenge

After the success of last year’s Hello Spring Challenge, where 17,000 participants took 2.6 billion steps and averaged 48 million steps per day, DHS Group is excited about the launch of this year’s New Year, New You Challenge!

Running for six weeks beginning Monday, January 9th, the New Year, New You Challenge will include three different (and compounding!) two-week missions that participants are challenged to complete.


Mission 1

Timeline: January 9-22
Goal: 3 miles / day
(42 total miles)

Mission 2

Timeline: January 23 - February 5
Goal: 4 miles / day
(56 total miles)

Mission 3

Timeline: February 6-20
Goal: 5 miles / day
(70 total miles)

Each mission will have two winners (drawn from everyone who successfully completed the set goal) who will take home $50 gift cards to Whole Foods and everyone who completes all three mission goals will be entered to win a $600 gift card.

Perhaps the most exciting part (yes, even more exciting than prizes) of the New Year, New You Challenge is that everyone can join in the fun using their favorite activity tracker or mobile app. Move integrates seamlessly with DHS’s Movband, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, the Moves app and more so each participant can pick which device works best with their active lifestyle.

Ready to get moving? Simply log into your HealthSpective Engage (Move) Dashboard, click "Join a Group" and enter the following invite code: 2017NewYou to automatically enroll in the Challenge. If you don't have an account, visit to create a free account.

Throughout the Challenge, don’t forget to follow your friends, family and co-workers on Move’s “Friend Leaderboard,” and share your inspiring stories and photos from quest to complete the Challenge missions with us on Twitter and Facebook using #DHSGetMoving. We can’t wait to hear how you’re doing!